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What are Conversational Ad and How are they configured?

Conversational Ads are Promoted Tweets that feature eye-catching images or videos, call-to-action buttons, and customizable labels. They induce users to spread your message among their followers, further expanding your reach.

Conversational Ads have proven to be an effective way of interacting with customers, encouraging them to share your message.



1 - Sign in to ads.twitter.com and select Create a new campaign. Select Tweet Interactions for a Conversational Image Ad or Video Views, if it is a Conversational Video Ad.

2 - Under the "Create or select creatives" section of the campaign form, click on "Use a Conversational Card" to configure your Card.

3 - Fill in the Conversational Card data, such as:

      • The image or video of your Card
      • The number of labels on your Card
      • The Tweet text that will appear pre-filled in Tweet when users interact with the Card (Pre-Emulated Tweet)
      • A title (appears on the label) on a single-choice label option
      • Thank you text (appears after the user has tweeted your message)
      • Thank-you URL (optional URL to which a user will arrive after configuring the Card).

4- Set up the rest of your campaign options (bids and targeting) and launch the campaign.

What specifications should the image meet?

Images must have the following specifications:

          • 3 MB max size archive

          • Aspect ratio 5: 2, minimum 800 × 320 px

          • File formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF not animated

What specifications should my video fulfill?

The video specifications correspond to our standard specifications, indicated in the Video Promoted section of this page.

What counts as interaction in the Card?

In mobile and on the web, clicking on any pixel of the Card will be counted as an interaction.

What kind of interaction is registered when a user clicks on the label button?

Any click (at any point on the Card) is counted as a click for the stats and activity panels of the Tweet.