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Tips to make better Stories by Facebook IQ

Instagram and its stories have changed the world of social networks and the way in which marketing is done and planned. In the last year, companies' contents have begun to be predominantly made in vertical formats and tend to focus on this dynamic.

500 million people use Instagram Stories and 300 million use Facebook Stories daily, which makes it the most trafficked social format in the world. This immersive, full-screen, ephemeral format has not only connected people with the people closest to them, but also with the brands and products they love and with 2 million active monthly advertisers in their stories.

This post is based on a study carried out by Facebook IQ in which it provides a list of recommendations to produce Stories more creatively and with better results for advertising.

Despite being Facebook, they do not have all the answers and they take refuge in saying that they are hypothesising based on some data and that they are still learning about it in order to provide concise data about this. The original study can be found here.

Here is their statement:

"We have been conducting a research to understand what creative strategies are driving effective performance in the stories. Although we still do not know everything, we continue to test and learn how the creativity of the stories is seen in terms of consumption and the expectations of the format of the people."

The suggestions they provide are conceptualised in order to create more creative stories and with better results based on three different categories:

Look and feel: What strategies and creative elements are unique in driving efficiency?
Brand and product: How could brands and products appear more effectively?
Format and execution: What formats and creative styles are driving the most effective storytelling?

stories considerations



 Look and feel

Increase the speed of the stories
People are consuming the stories at amazing speeds, you must capture their attention in the first 2 seconds.
Recommendation: Create ads that use speed as an element of the story and thus capture their attention.

Add sound to your stories
80% of the announcements with music or voice-over obtained better results and also went through the conversion funnels faster.
Recommendation: It's obvious, but you should include music or audio in your stories.

Avoid unnecessary stickers
As for stickers, there are different results. 83% of the stories that sought conversion and included stickers achieved better results. But as for stories without videos, that is to say a static image, there is an 87% chance that creatives without stickers will offer better conversion results than with stickers.
Recommendation: No matter the format, when used well, stickers can draw attention to the product, make the ad feel like it belongs to the app and make it feel less like an ad and more authentic, it must look like a regular person did it. When used poorly, stickers draw people's attention away from the products, feel incoherent with the vibe of the advertisement, or feel disingenuous, as if they were present without a purpose.



Brand and Product

Start with your brand
The best performing ads integrate the brand and key messages at the beginning.
Recommendation: Integrate brand elements (logos and brand elements) at the beginning of your creativity.

Call your audience to strategic action
89% of the campaigns that focused on CTA generated more conversions than those not emphasizing CTA.
Recommendation: Experiment with elements that emphasize the action you want the viewers to take (for example, "Swipe up").



Format and Execution


Divide your story into scenes
Better performing ads have shorter and more succinct scenes.
Recommendation: People consume the content of the stories quickly. Experiment with fast, shorter stories.

Mix and match movement and static
There is an 86% chance that campaigns with mixed format assets will generate a higher value than video or static assets.
Recommendation: Consider adding two or more assets with different formats in a campaign with multiple ad sets.


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