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A year after being named the best StartUp in Latin America


New update in Twitter: 140 characters for your replies


How to set up a Flimper Audience campaign?

With Flimper you can create specific audiences to optimize your Twitter Ads. Build databases longer than 90 days and then contact them one by one...

Which countries tweet more in LatAm?

Jorge Gálvez Gajardo CEO of @Analitic shared an analysis with the number of monthly tweets per country in Latin America.

It is interesting how a...

Opening of Mexico offices


Vine becomes a special camera for Twitter

Vine has turned into a camera with special characteristics for Twitter, its name is now “Vine Camera” and it will be available from January 17,...

Twitter Moments has its own set of analytics


How to appear in the Top of the Timeline on Twitter?


#Emojis and @TacoBell, a winning strategy...


5 Steps to Make Your Social Media Campaign Happen

Social media marketers spend a lot of their time maintaining their companies’ virtual presence. But coming up with new things to publish every now...

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