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4 steps in order to optimize a modern email marketing campaign

Every single company uses email marketing to interact with their customers. Obviously larger companies are going to have a greater capacity to send personalized emails to all of their consumers, but email marketing can play a huge role in the success of SMB’s.

But how do I run a successful email marketing campaign?

While there are many of different approaches to email marketing there are a few foundational points that must be present for a successful email marketing campaign in 2018


1) Mobile integration

According to Litmus more than 41% of emails are being read on cell phones or tablets, while only 28% are read traditionally online, with 22% being read through a webmail platform like Microsoft Outlook and the remaining 9% being unknown. This demonstrates the importance in making responsive your email marketing . If your customers can’t view information your presenting them with on their iPhone it’s probably not worth the time you’re taking to send it.


When it comes to cellphone reading it is also proven that attention spans are shorter for readers which means content needs to be more direct than other forms of contact.  A great policy that the minds at Mailchimp have come up with is that the reader should be able to complete any task you desire them to complete with one thumb. This is a great way to make sure that readers are minimally taxed while still being able to interact in the desired manner.


2) Personalization

In order to capture the attention and action of the reader it is important to make an email feel more like a conversation than a sales pitch. One great way to achieve this is by personalizing the message you send to them, the most important and easiest way to do this, is by adding their name to the subject line and addressing them by their first name to start off the email.

Diligence in this step is very important, there is no faster way to lose the trust of a client than to spell a name incorrectly or address them by a wrong name.

Additionally, personalization can be achieved through specific offers or promotions only relevant to them or their group of people. For example, if you have your customers segmented by usage levels you can offer different promotions for your VIP customers new customers and customers that haven’t purchased anything yet.



3) Create value with your email

When your sending information through email marketing campaigns it’s important to give your customers a reason to read the email. Understand that they live busy lives and if they’re choosing to spend time reading your email you need to make a positive impact one way or another. Whether that be by saving them money or making them laugh an email is just another way to improve the value of your company.

Sales promotions are a great way to get people interested in your emails and this is the clearest form of value created through email marketing.

Relevant information about the current and future states of your company can also be useful in making customers feel like they are a part of your business.

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4) AI

While still relatively expensive for the majority of companies, if you are able to utilize AI within your email marketing Campaigns it can offer you a leg up on your competitors. AI will enable marketers to learn more about their customers than ever before while simultaneously helping to tailor messages directly to individuals rather than segmented markets.



While social media might be the latest craze for marketers in 2018 the importance of a one to one message sent to someone’s phone or desktop cannot be understated. Email marketing will continue to play a vital role in the acquisition of new customers and the loyalty of current customers.