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How To Use Twitter To Boost Your Business

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The dominant influence of social media is undeniable. With two billion social media users across the globe, the ability to strongly connect with social media individuals is crucial for any company, and can greatly influences its success.

The following list encompasses tips by category to maximize the use of Twitter- one of the most prominent social media platforms today:


Active Twitter Use:

  • Most importantly, try your best to write tweets clear and concisely. This includes revising your tweets to eliminate punctuation and grammar mistakes.
  • Ensure that every tweet parallels with your business’ beliefs and morals
  • Share thoughts and ideas in a personal way, don’t just post blatant advertisements
  • Conduct research on the company’s current trending conversation ensures that you will be able to address the current topic smartly
  • Determine the category of your tweet like customer service, providing information, etc. to be able to classify your tweets


Enhance Twitter Credibility:

  • Aim for an 80/20 ratio where 80% of your tweets should be personal and the other 20% should be about your company. This has shown to promote customer engagement and click-through rates.


Engage your Audience:

  • To better engage an audience, use live videos and pictures. Studies from Webtrends indicate that visuals such as photos and videos generate on average three to four more clicks on Twitter.


Use Twitter for Customer service:

  • Make sure any information in your tweets is accurate. Information can very easily be verified.


Build Twitter Followers:

  • Utilize tracking and analyzing apps to help you target and find an audience. A popular app, Social Quant, helps find relevant users and how to target them effectively.
  • Twitter analytics is helpful to figure out which aspects you are using that are the most and least effective. In addition, with twitter analytics, you can see the which type of content, times, and other demographics are the most popular.

Personalize your Account:

If you are using your personal account for business you can follow this tips.

  • For your personal profile, either use the company brand solo, or incorporate your personal self with company brand
  • Select the perfect background photo by using a photo that portrays you at a professional event such as a meeting or presentation dressed appropriately
  • Make sure that your expertise and connection to your company is clear in your account bio and/or background photo
  • Make sure your twitter account has an easy access link to your CV and resume. There are many online apps and tools to help you create effective resumes and CVs