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Instagram Stories Vs. Snapchat Stories. Which one has more traffic?

“Stories”. What used to mean the telling of a beginning, main plot, and resolution means something completely different to anyone who has interacted on social media. Originating on Snapchat, “stories” are used countless times a day to share with users what you are doing, where you are, and who you’re with. Then Instagram copied it.


instagram story         Add-Multiple-Pictures-to-a-Snapchat-Story-Step-13-Version-3

Not all stories are created equal though. There is no hiding that posting “stories” has taken on a different culture on each of these platforms, and users perceive what they see on each of these platforms differently.


While the differences between Instagram and Snapchat stories are minimal, some functions vary between the two. Here is a quick run-down of what they are :

Instagram Snapchat 
  • General Appearance :  Instagram advanced quicker with some extra capabilities in terms of appearances. Offering several fonts, drawing devices, and stickers
  • Location Services : On Instagram this appears as a sticker that you select based on typing in your specific location
  • Layout : You can view someone’s story by swiping horizontally at the top of the app, or access it from a user’s profile directly
  • *Key Factors* : One main distinction is that Instagram stories have the capability to be “highlighted”, so they can be kept on people’s profiles for as long as the user chooses after the 24 hour period
  • General Appearance : While Snapchat had the original idea for adding filters, locations, and drawings, most will agree that the general “style” of Instagram is less refined. They quickly began improving these functions after Instagram did
  • Location Services : On Snapchat, this appears at a filter that is available based on your geographic location
  • Layout :There is a separate tab for viewing everyones story, you can view them based on people’s location, or directly from your list of contacts


The Statistics

Snapchat and Instagram both have capabilities of sharing snapshots or short videos of what people doing. According to Redcode, Instagram has a staggering 250 million daily users of the “stories” function, opposed to the 166 million of Snapchat. This was achieved only a year after launching this capability. Delmondo also reported that “that the average unique viewers for every Snapchat story have decreased about 40%”, already showing the disparities between the two platforms.



Usage is changing among influencers, too

Influencers have become a driving force for many marketing initiatives. They are community leaders who are trusted by thousands of followers, and have the power to influence people’s opinions, actions, and most importantly – the things they purchase.

Therefore, how these stories are used by influencers matter a lot. One, 24 hour post by a blogger can cause people to go to a new restaurant, purchase new product, or share the information with their friends.

Marketing - Interactive published several statistics on this changing trend amongst influencers. According to their study, an influencer will post an average of 7.6 times a day on Instagram opposed to 3.7 times on Snapchat.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.59.07 PM

Why the difference? 

There is no hiding that Instagram is becoming the favorite child of the two sisters. This is because each platform has a different user culture, and also differs in the age.

As mentioned earlier, there are some key functionality differences between the two platforms that clearly result in different engagement rates. Additionally, it is important to note the age groups that interact on these platforms differ as well. The most active age range for Snapchat users is 13-18 years old, while it is 19-49 year olds for Instagram. (HootSuite)

So, What now?

You must choose the social network carefully. It is important to be active where your consumer are, but also to be trendy. So keep an eye on how your ads and content react with people.