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How Businesses Can Use Instagram Analytics

With over 800 million monthly active Instagram users, companies are constantly trying to broaden their reach. Behind the photos, videos and boomerangs can be found automatic systems that gather information about your in-app behavior. Instagram features include tools to help users measure their own Instagram performance, allowing them to then improve the content they produce to better fit their audience’s desires.

Viewing analytics can lead to better understanding the preferences, behaviors and tendencies of the audiences a brand or business is trying to reach. With over 2 million marketers on the platform, optimizing your Instagram marketing and securing your audience members is critical. For this reason, the value of paying attention to Instagram analytics shouldn’t be underestimated. Here are a few ways brands and businesses can use Instagram analytics:

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Keep up with the amount and type of followers that you have

Tracking your follower count can help you understand what your brand is doing well, and what could be improved. Are your followers and your target audience the same demographic? Does your follower count line up with the amount of interactions your posts attract on a regular basis? With the release of Instagram business profiles, the number of businesses using Instagram for marketing purposes nearly doubled in 2016. Since brands usually have business profiles, which offers powerful analytics data and the chance to create new Instagram ads, they can view their follower change rate, and compare this with trends in their posts. For example, if an account lost followers after a certain post, the business could conclude that the post was not in alignment with what their audience expected or wanted to see. More about follower metrics presented by Quintly can be found here.






Observe the extent and reach of your posts

Some posts attract larger amounts of followers based on a variety of factors. Maybe the post was done in collaboration with another brand or business with whom you share a similar target audience, and you attracted some of their followers to your brand’s profile. Or, maybe your use of hashtags allowed your post to reach new audience members who connected with your brand. If some posts perform better than others, pay attention to the kind of content the post included, as well as the presentation of the post. Consider what aspects of the post appealed to your audience members the most, and try to replicate those aspects in your other posts.


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Pay attention to impressions

The amount of impressions your posts attracts can be determined internal and external factors such as the time of the post, the hashtags used, and the likeability of the content in the eyes of your followers. The average interactions per post metric can give you an idea of how many of the people reached took the step of interacting with your post in some trackable way. Another tool allows you to compare post interaction, further helping in the effort to understand which posts resonated with your audience, versus which ones fell short of appealing to them. According to a study done by Quintly, at least 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product that they first discovered on Instagram. With this in mind the more impressions your post can attract, the better for your company’s sales performance and overall success.


Understand the tools offered by the platform and use them

Instagram offers different modes through which to reach audience members. For example, a 2017 study showed that the use of emojis on Instagram can lead to 47.7% more interactions. Being that traditional profile posts are the primary method to reach audiences, maximizing these posts through hashtags and the use of emojis is advantageous for businesses. Other tools such as the story feature and IG TV can all be used as ways to advertise products companies have to offer, while making this advertisement seem seamless and integrated into the other content users typically see on Instagram. The ability to track usage with the business profile is also an invaluable tool that once understood, can make efforts to advertise and market content more fruitful for businesses.

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