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Flimper helped 3 brands to be part of the 10 Best Campaigns on Twitter in 2018

Twitter LatAm among all the campaigns that ran this 2018 chose the best 10. Learn how these brands used Flimper and achieved an increase in ROI and in the impact of their campaigns.

The Twitter brand strategy team selected the 10 best campaigns of the year from different brands in Latin America in 11 different categories and 3 of them were from Flimper.

“The brands that communicate their messages in a familiar language for people, who relate to them with common interests and take advantage of the so-called discovery mindset, stand out more and more and generate closer conversations," Martín Jaramillo told, SpLatAm Twitter head of brand strategy. In addition, he added: "When audiences and advertisers converge on a topic, interaction, interest is created and finally, brand favorability is built".

For the selection, variables such as authenticity, innovation, creativity, correlation between the online and offline world, call for action to generate conversation, connection with major events and creation of exclusive content for the platform were considered.


Better use of Live-Streaming (video)


Client: Corona
Name: #CoronaCapital18
Handle: @CoronaCapital
Time: November
Description: 2018 Corona Capital edition, the bigest and most anticipated music festival in Mexico, was a broadcast live for two days in a row, of the most recognized international bands. This lasted five hours each day, and was supported by the use of LED screens inside the enclosure to view and send greetings.
Flimper contributed with a new technology called "RT to Win", this consists in recognizing the users who give a RT in the Call to Action and randomly choose X number of winners, in this case with Corona México, more than 30 thousand RT was achieved in less than 24 hours and interacted with winners and losers automatically. Through other Flimper dynamics like delayed-time responses, losers were led to maintain the conversation with the brand and to participate again in new draws.

Other activities: Expectation was created through a Versus (Live vs. RT) of the different artists that the users wanted to see.


Best TV release


Client: HBO
Name: #WestWorld
Handle: @HBOLAT
Time: May-july
Description: For the launch of the new season of the West World series, HBO turned to Twitter and Flimper to generate anticipation and interact constantly throughout the season with fans providing moments of interaction and special content. Through different participation strategies in Flimper, the fans of the show had access to exclusive contents, they could discover new characters, connect with other users, obtain "classified" information and much more. But the most interesting was the opportunity to deliver different advances according to the profile that the followers chose: that is, according to the chosen side, the content varied.


The campaign lasted 11 weeks, starting a week before the release of the first chapter of the second season of Westworld until the premiere of the last episode of the series. It was developed in Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Argentina reaching a 26% Engagement Rate with more than 1.7 million impressions.

The campaign sought three objectives that were met with Flimper

  1. Generate Awareness of the launch: to achieve this goal, users were asked to perform RT in a Call to Action to be reminded of the releases of the chapters with Flimper technology, a Promoted Trend and a dynamic of First View were made.
  2. Establish a continuous conversation about the series: the users who had done RT in the CTA were remembered by Flimper 45 and 5 minutes before each chapter and, in addition, with Flimper surprises were carried out with unlock dynamics to receive special contents based on number of user actions in a CTA.
  3. Generate Real Time Conversation with the Fans: the users who used the hashtag during the transmission time of the chapter, Flimper sent them a special content about what was happening at that precise moment in the series.

In addition to having widely exceeded all the objectives established throughout the season, in the last chapter, thanks to Flimper, the hashtag #WestWorld reached to be Trending Topic in Venezuela, Brazil, Chile and Worldwide Trending Topic for the number of interactions achieved by Flimper.






Better integrated campaign


Client: Pepsi Argentina
Name: #YQué (SOWHAT)
Handle: @PepsiArgentina
Time: October
Description: With Flimper as a Technology Partner, Pepsi Argentina managed to identify, moderate and interact only with Twitter users related to the campaign, achieving a 20% Engagement Rate. The dynamic was simple, Pepsi launched a Trending Topic inviting all Twitter users in Argentina to use the hashtag #YQué. Flimper found all these people who complied with the established rules and asked them for permission to publish their Tweet on digital screens on public roads in Argentina.

The new Pepsi Black campaign invited people to show themselves as they really are. Without judging what they do, what they want or what they like and, above all, no matter what others think. Within the framework of the launch of the campaign in Argentina and under the concept "It doesn't need to like everyone. Only you. ", Pepsi Black presented Billboard YQUÉ? (SOWHAT) an action that invited people to show themselves as they really are in front of the whole world.

Six giant screens were placed in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and Mendoza connected to Twitter in real time and everyone was invited to interact with the hashtag # YQUÉ? sharing those things that they like but that they had never said out loud. They only thing that users had to do was to Tweet to be published on the screens. During the three days of the action, thousands of tweets were moderated by people who dared to show themselves as they are without prejudice.

Other activities: A special twemoji was activated with the hashtag # YQué a emoji of a Pepsi can was automatically inserted to the hashtag.



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